About Us

At Tiles & Slabs, we help you to get the best flooring and cladding. Its your All in all flooring solution. As the name suggests, its all about Tiles and various types of natural and artificial stones. Be it Marble, Granite, Tiles, Sandstone….. Visualize, Shortlist, Visit & Buy. So many times we wish that we could see all the possible flooring options and then decide which one to go for. After all its only Once in a lifetime (or once in a while for some) that you build your dream home. But its cumbersome and highly tiring to visit all the different dealers to reach one person who can give the best quality material at the best possible prices.

We are the answer. With our easy to navigate module just select what materials you want, filter them according to your color, quality, size, price preference, view high quality pictures to get a clear idea, shortlist the material you need, get the dealer’s details and Vola! Just choose a day to visit the shortlisted dealers, compare the best deals and one of the most difficult jobs of choosing tiles and slabs for your home gets done in just one day.